14 bands to watch in 2014

All the bands you know boring? Not sure what to listen too? Do all your friends have crap taste and you know no one who can help you? WELL. Lumis Youth is here to save your day with my pick of bands to keep an eye on in 2014!

Sticky Fingers


Possible the most criminally under-rated Australian band this year, their debut album, ‘Caress Your Soul’ was a mixture of smooth, white-boy reggae vibes but many blogs failed to put them into their end of year polls. If anything, their most well-known single, ‘Caress Your Soul’ is their most dull, with the likes of, ‘Australia Street’, ‘How To Fly’ and ‘Bootleg Rascal’ being a much better gauge of their skills. They are currently recording their 2nd album, which is set to be released in 2014 so keep an eye out for them!



BANKS is destined for glory, her sultry voice and minimalistic beats shaped into a dose of dark pop is exactly what is trending right now. It is only a matter of time become she soars into the limelight.



While they may be clouded in mystery, one thing is for certain, Jungle write excellent music, possible my favourite discovery of the whole year. Despite only having two singles and a respective B-side to each single to their name, it will only be a matter of time before they release more material. Furthermore, the video below contains possibly the most amazing break-dancing four-year old girl ever.



Fractures describes his work as a,‘Musical dumping ground’ For me, dumping ground seems a uncouth word with it’s links to trash for his delicate, highly emotive music. Regardless, his own work and his remixes have garnered him much attention but he is only at the foothills of a long, uphill road.

Glass Animals


After just interviewing these chaps who hail from Oxford, I can confirm for you that while they may be slightly eccentric their style of ethereal but bass-driven music is something special. Furthermore, with Paul Epworth (He worked with Adele, Florence & The Machine and Bloc Party to name a few artists) producing their debut album, it is bound to be something special.

Northeast Party House


If Bloc Party had a Australian bastard child, this would be it with their snappy hooks and thundering drums. With their debut album coming out early next year, get ready to see them storm all over the country and I don’t want to jump the gun here but they may have signed to ‘I OH YOU’ my favourite Australian label.



When saw this trio perform I said, ‘In 1974 Jon Landau wrote that he had seen the future of Rock n’ Roll perhaps I did not see the future but I did see a new path being made for Australia music for $15.’ And I still stand by my word because with their debut album coming next year they are sure to ruffle a few feathers.

Oscar Key Sung


R&B electro-pop is gradually taking over the world and Australia has their own representative, Oscar Key Sung. With his debut EP coming out in 2014, it seems only a matter of time before Oscar Key Sung outgrows Australia and takes on the world.

The Preatures


Isabella Manfredi is one of the most enigmatic front woman I have ever seen live and I saw her last year! Indeed, this year has been fruitful The Preatures but I feel if they set their eyes on recording a debut album they could, with the help of Triple J, becomes giants within the music scene in Australia.


, my favourite and only Danish songstress! Her brand of infectious pop seems set on taking over with a large amount of help from label boss of ‘Mad Decent’, Diplo. Her debut album comes out on the 24th February 2014 and is titled, ‘No Mythologies To Follow’. I’d advise you to keep an eye on what she does up to then…

Gang Of Youths


Possibly the best part about this band, apart from their music (derhhh) is their ability to take an insult, they were described by one blog as, ‘Wanna see someone with zero charisma get up on stage and pretend to be Jim Morrison for half an hour, backed by grandiose overblown songs that sound a lot like U2 B-sides? Then you’d probably be into Gang Of Youths.’ And Gang Of Youths now happily include that in their ‘about’ page on Facebook. Sadly, these intrepid fellows are leaving Australia in 2014 to work in America but you can catch them warming up for Vampire Weekend or at their own shows before they leave! You’ll have to turn up the volume on this song to hear it properly.

Royal Blood


If being promoted by Matthew Helder of the Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury 2013 does not speak volumes of their talent then perhaps you will be impressed when you hear that they are warming up for The Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala?



If there is band that is proof that the Australian indie-scene is not all gone to tatters then Millions is that group. With their sharp, snappy riffs, a highly enigmatic frontman and a debut album coming out in 2014 ket it be known that the Australian indie-scene will be receiving it’s well overdue jolt of garage pop.

Elizabeth Rose


With her sophomore EP coming out it seems time to tell everyone that Elizabeth Rose’s studio recordings sound quite dull in comparison to her live show and you should not be put off immediately but I recommend seeing her live to receive the full experience!


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