Visions featuring Deep Sea Arcade, Shining Bird, The Tsars and The Preatures (DJ set) @ Oxford Art Factory on 21st of December


‘Have you got your copy of Hot Mosh!?’howled Nick Mckenzie, frontman of Deep Sea Arcade to which he said rather worriedly, ‘Did you read them in the dark…?’ A clear sign that he was absolutely drunk but who cares, we were in, ‘Slurry Hills’ according to Nick. Indeed, in ‘Slurry Hills’ things were a little more wild and a lot more hip as Hot Mosh and Deep Sea Arcade came together to bring along Shining Bird, The Tsars live and The Preatures on the decks for a wild night. For me, the highlight of the night was not only sighting Isabella Manfredi in the flesh but her walking within a 2 metre radius of my friends and I. Damn you Jack.

Sydney locals The Tsars took to the stage first whom you may remember as we interviewed The Tsars a few months ago . Furthermore, despite not performing live for over half a year, The Tsars brought their psychedelic prowess to the fore. Live, The Tsars are a far more languid band relying heavily upon guitar breakdowns and sharp drumming than the mesmerising voice of Reg Harris. Sliding through such tracks as, ‘Beach’ with its instant-summer vibe guitar strums and a more up-tempo version of the usual melancholic, ‘The River’. Chatting to Reg after the show, I can confirm that they will be releasing their debut album this summer and after that they will record an EP before going out on tour again! Check Lumis Youth for a review of the album when it comes out!

Seeing Shining Bird live stripped away the veneer of production within their discography, but it also revealed the deep baritone of Dane Taylor that reminded me of Matt Beringer from The National. Having previously discarded them as ‘just another indie band’ I was surprised by the layering within their music, albeit simple chord work but it still managed to create an attention-grabbing atmosphere. Indeed, throughout the whole performance they managed to take the crowd away from the rush of ‘Slurry Hills’ to a day lazing out on the beach with the crowning moment being when they strolled through their single, ‘Distant Dreaming’.

Before the headliners of the night came on stage, The Preatures laid down some tracks from the 70’s rock canon including Zeppelin, Sabbath and Bowie. With the mood set, Deep Sea Arcade bounded on stage clearly having had 10 too many drinks but that did not stop them from pumping out hit after hit. Having seen them already twice before, I was blown away by the enthusiasm and surge in confidence in the band as they come across as introverts on their record. Indeed, this vitality on stage made songs such as, ‘Granite City’ and a crowd-favourite, ‘Girls’ that much more lively. Sadly, they did not play their magnificent cover of The Chemical Brothers, ‘Let Forever Be’.

Together, Hot Mosh and Deep Sea Arcade put on a fantastic night albeit a rather drunken one in which the strength of the Sydney live music scene was shown.


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