RY X – Berlin


It was only a matter of time before the Matt Corby imitators appeared but I did not think anyone would carry actual substance of their own like Ry Cuming (what a name) does performing under the moniker of RY X. To be fair though, Matt Corby shares a clear link to Jeff Buckley so we could be here all day arguing that X sounds like Y and that is just too much deconstructionism for one day.

The moment you hear the falsetto ‘oooo’s’ your mind should immediately strike back to the piercing voice of Matt Corby when he sings,‘Brother’. It may as well carry a little TM afterwards it is so unmistakably Matt Corby. Although, as I said before there seems to be a measure of depth to his work with the mesmerising atmosphere created by the raw vocals of Ry Cuming. However, throughout the whole track Ry treads the line between becoming overly derivative and taking elements of successful songs, which acts as its greatest strength but also its major flaw. For me, the testament of a good song is when if an artist absorbs other elements they can complement it with their own ideas, which Ry does partially.

Indeed, with many artists sounding like each other, in the case of Ry, like Matt Corby it has become increasingly important to define your own sound as you take aspects of other’s work.


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