Lumis Youth is your proverbial light at the end of tunnel, giving you the music you want (This is a music blog with a fancy tag-line).

If you like something and what to find out more about the band, I recommend going to their SoundCloud profile/ Youtube Account / BandCamp or just leave me a comment. Also, if you’re an artist or a record label or just want to say hi you can always email Lumis Youth –




Featured on The Guardian global site as Blog Of The Week.


– L


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  1. Hello – I am writing to ask if you would like to host a Music Video Festival on your site?
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    The Festival has an open submissions policy and the videos sent in cover all genres of music and film.
    The BBC Music Video Festival is all about celebrating new and emerging music acts, as well as the film making talents of directors working in the field of music videos today.
    This is the first time our Festival has been online and it has given us the opportunity to write more about the videos and include a number of special VIDEO PROFILES on selected artists and directors.
    We are always happy to talk about the Festival – so you can email us at

    Gary Standley, Producer BBC Music Video Festival

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