Beat Of The Week #16


This week’s Beat Of The Week hails from Oscar Key Sung’s title track from his debut EP, ‘Holograms’. With it’s chopped up, soulful vocals and peaceful atmosphere it’s an easy winner for this week. Check it out below.


Beat Of The Week #15


Fresh from the 80s come Client Liaison, with enough hair and bad fashion to make me wonder why they have brought it back BUT their latest single, ‘Free Of Fear’ is an easy winner for Beat Of The Week. Get your ears around this gem.

Beat Of The Week #14


This young buck happens to look a lot like James Franco and what’s the correlation between that and him making smooth-as disco vibes? None but it sure as hell makes him that much cooler. Young Franco’s track,‘Take Flight (UHH)’ is bubbling pot of synthesisers and thundering bass is an easy contender for Beat Of The Week. You can stream the track below and keep an eye on Lumis Youth a for a review of his EP ‘FUTUREFUNK’.

Beat Of The Week #10


Matching green jumpsuits, rollerblades and a whole lot of synchronised dancing, what more could you want in a music video? ‘The Heat’¬† is Jungle’s second single and features the High Rollaz crew, who make rollerblading look like dancing… From personal experience I can tell you that is not normal.

Jungle’s latest track easily takes out the accolade of Beat Of The Week as it is oozing with snappy hooks and feel-good vibes that are sure to keep you grooving along. Despite being clouded in mystery and shying away from telling you who they are, their music speaks volumes of their talent. You can hear the track below and if you want to hear their other single, ‘Platoon’, click here.

Beat Of The Week #9


Being heckled by a pirate for loosed change seem an ordinary occurrence bad//dreems alongside being dubbed as ‘brick carrying bogans’ or as they prefer ‘brogans’. Perhaps from my lofty heights within Sydney I’m slightly lost for words at how what a ‘brogan’ is but perhaps they are all the rage in South Australia, more exactly Adelaide. It is most likely a common piece of slang when there exists a place called Iron Knob.

However, geography and Australian slang aside, bad//dreems single ‘Caroline’ is a sun-soaked, brash song with an interlude featuring Ben Marwe’s vocals that are reminiscent of Joe Strummer from The Clash. A good start, hey? It gets better when Marwe’s Australian accent breaks out as the guitars roar away putting the piece on a ledge of its own away from the clich√© Australian indie-pop that has over saturated the country.

Beat Of The Week #8


Lumis has gone intercontinental and found you the hottest and possibly most eccentric band in all of St. Albans. And if you know anything about St. Albans, you will know that is a big claim. Slagcan’s motto is, ‘Slags keep swinging’ and the only thing I can draw from that is that they are one determined band I’m an idiot, it’s a reference to sluts. Now, if you have nothing better to do with your time, even if you are extremely busy or perhaps you have a keen interest in the architecture of St. Albans I advise you watch this week’s ‘Beat Of The Week’ of Slagcan’s single, ‘Swingers’ below: