DMA’s – Delete


The first thing I read about DMA’s is that, ‘All the people in the picture look like the product of multi-generational in breeding.’ So that was a good introduction into I OH YOU’s newest signing if any. Furthermore, the band have never played live but are expected to announce a tour for March.

Sonically, from their first single,‘Delete’ off their self-titled EP, they sound like a mix of Oasis using the vocals of Dylan Frost from Sticky Fingers. The second reference is no surprise considering that the clip was filmed in the same house that features at the end of Sticky Fingers, ‘Australia Street’ video and also has a cameo by Paddy (Bassist of Sticky Fingers). Furthermore, the artwork was done by talented Sydney artist Total Bore. In short, this single not only showcases a damn fine up and coming band but also the talent within Sydney. You can watch this song below.


Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap


Well about bloody time, Chet Faker’s debut album, ‘Built On Glass’ has finally been announced and will be dropping on the 11th of April globally via Future Classic. From this track alone, it is no surprise why he has signed to Future Classic with the chopped up beats. However, it stands out because Nicholas Murphy brings in his own signature jazz and soul elements.

Murphy has always been a sensitive man when it comes to songwriting and ‘Talk is Cheap’ is no exception. He reflects upon the meaningless of conversation in the place of physical connection but there is a sense of irony as through his ‘talk’ he is gradually uncovered in the clip.

The piece begins with a haunting, souful saxophone solo that underlines the entire song, adding depth to an otherwise repetitive backing drum beat. Although, it comes into its own with Murphy’s stirring vocals that have made him stand out amongst many other vocalists. As the track, sadly, comes to an end Murphy begins to loop his voice over itself to further reinforce the meaning of the song.

‘Talk Is Cheap’ is a welcome addition to Murphy’s discography and acts as a good sign for the rest of the album that has finally appeared. Indeed, this strength lies within Murphy’s unique vocals, his jazz elements and not the steady drum beat.

Must see artist at Laneway 2014 – Mt. Warning


From the moment I came across the name Mt. Warning and his press shot my gaze could not left it, there was a magnetism to it that extends to his music. For the most part, I find singer-song writers rather annoying and often overly emotional. However, Mt. Warning has changed my mind with his burgeoning tones and smooth instrumentals in his latest single, ‘Midnight Dawn’.

The song and video compliment each other cleverly because Mt. Warning explores the sacrifices he has made for his career. Alone though this is nothing impressive, merely a well-thought out music video but the voice of Mikey Bee (vocals) takes it to another level, shaping it into a heartfelt experience as we hear and see him unload the emotional baggage that he drags with him.

Furthermore, Mt. Warning is not just a one-trick pony but his other singles, such as, ‘Forward Mile’ and ‘Burn Again’ up his sleeve he is as sure hell going to an enticing performance to watch at the beginning of Laneway Festival. You can stream all his work off his Souncloud, here. His debut album will be released the 28th of March.

Basenji – Dawn


Following the ilk of Wave Racer and Cosmo’s Midnight, another albeit a more noticeable member has joined the new-wave of electronic Australian producers going by the name of Basenji. Basenji has just dropped his latest single, ‘Dawn’ and has also signed to Sydney-based management, ASTRAL PEOPLE. This signing speaks volumes of the expectation behind this beat-smith but it’s safe to say so far that he is meeting them.

With an almost militaryesque drum-beat to start the song, it immediately grabs your attention so that you’re easily swept into the luscious atmosphere of ‘Dawn’. Vocal samples then seep into the track, which are remarkably akin to work of Cashmere Cat. Indeed much of the song references the sounds of Cashmere Cat and that genre with its heavy use of percussion and warbling bass. Basenji and his work represents a different path that is starting to be carved within the Australian, electronic music industry and as with all genres, there will always be an inundation of mimicries of one producer but Basenji has seem to found his own way.

For some, this new-wave of producers will seem increasingly dull and rather abstract in their sonic direction. Others will find this sound, which become massively popular with the rise of Flume, exciting and if so you will find Basenji meeting your desires.

RY X – Berlin


It was only a matter of time before the Matt Corby imitators appeared but I did not think anyone would carry actual substance of their own like Ry Cuming (what a name) does performing under the moniker of RY X. To be fair though, Matt Corby shares a clear link to Jeff Buckley so we could be here all day arguing that X sounds like Y and that is just too much deconstructionism for one day.

The moment you hear the falsetto ‘oooo’s’ your mind should immediately strike back to the piercing voice of Matt Corby when he sings,‘Brother’. It may as well carry a little TM afterwards it is so unmistakably Matt Corby. Although, as I said before there seems to be a measure of depth to his work with the mesmerising atmosphere created by the raw vocals of Ry Cuming. However, throughout the whole track Ry treads the line between becoming overly derivative and taking elements of successful songs, which acts as its greatest strength but also its major flaw. For me, the testament of a good song is when if an artist absorbs other elements they can complement it with their own ideas, which Ry does partially.

Indeed, with many artists sounding like each other, in the case of Ry, like Matt Corby it has become increasingly important to define your own sound as you take aspects of other’s work.

The Creases – I Won’t Wait


Does anyone else think that Jarrod of The Creases look like Naboo The Enigma from The Mighty Boosh? Facsimile aside though The Creases are an exciting band out of Brisbane whose debut single, ‘I Won’t Wait’ is being distributed by legendary UK record label, Rough Trade Records.

Their debut single is notch above the increasingly dull indie-rock with influences from The Beach Boys. By looking outwards instead of inwards, they have created a track with a summery, care-free atmosphere using smooth guitar licks and Joe’s lazy vocal hooks. Instead of petering out of energy as many songs seem to do after reaching the one minute mark, The Creases ensure that the song continues to build as the drums steadily increase in pace and merge with Joe’s voice. Making the song incredibly catchy and sighing sadly when it finishes.

While Jarrod may have a career as Naboo The Enigma’s doppelgänger, The Creases and him have a far more hopeful future if their debut single is anything to go by.

14 bands to watch in 2014

All the bands you know boring? Not sure what to listen too? Do all your friends have crap taste and you know no one who can help you? WELL. Lumis Youth is here to save your day with my pick of bands to keep an eye on in 2014!

Sticky Fingers


Possible the most criminally under-rated Australian band this year, their debut album, ‘Caress Your Soul’ was a mixture of smooth, white-boy reggae vibes but many blogs failed to put them into their end of year polls. If anything, their most well-known single, ‘Caress Your Soul’ is their most dull, with the likes of, ‘Australia Street’, ‘How To Fly’ and ‘Bootleg Rascal’ being a much better gauge of their skills. They are currently recording their 2nd album, which is set to be released in 2014 so keep an eye out for them!



BANKS is destined for glory, her sultry voice and minimalistic beats shaped into a dose of dark pop is exactly what is trending right now. It is only a matter of time become she soars into the limelight.



While they may be clouded in mystery, one thing is for certain, Jungle write excellent music, possible my favourite discovery of the whole year. Despite only having two singles and a respective B-side to each single to their name, it will only be a matter of time before they release more material. Furthermore, the video below contains possibly the most amazing break-dancing four-year old girl ever.



Fractures describes his work as a,‘Musical dumping ground’ For me, dumping ground seems a uncouth word with it’s links to trash for his delicate, highly emotive music. Regardless, his own work and his remixes have garnered him much attention but he is only at the foothills of a long, uphill road.

Glass Animals


After just interviewing these chaps who hail from Oxford, I can confirm for you that while they may be slightly eccentric their style of ethereal but bass-driven music is something special. Furthermore, with Paul Epworth (He worked with Adele, Florence & The Machine and Bloc Party to name a few artists) producing their debut album, it is bound to be something special.

Northeast Party House


If Bloc Party had a Australian bastard child, this would be it with their snappy hooks and thundering drums. With their debut album coming out early next year, get ready to see them storm all over the country and I don’t want to jump the gun here but they may have signed to ‘I OH YOU’ my favourite Australian label.



When saw this trio perform I said, ‘In 1974 Jon Landau wrote that he had seen the future of Rock n’ Roll perhaps I did not see the future but I did see a new path being made for Australia music for $15.’ And I still stand by my word because with their debut album coming next year they are sure to ruffle a few feathers.

Oscar Key Sung


R&B electro-pop is gradually taking over the world and Australia has their own representative, Oscar Key Sung. With his debut EP coming out in 2014, it seems only a matter of time before Oscar Key Sung outgrows Australia and takes on the world.

The Preatures


Isabella Manfredi is one of the most enigmatic front woman I have ever seen live and I saw her last year! Indeed, this year has been fruitful The Preatures but I feel if they set their eyes on recording a debut album they could, with the help of Triple J, becomes giants within the music scene in Australia.


, my favourite and only Danish songstress! Her brand of infectious pop seems set on taking over with a large amount of help from label boss of ‘Mad Decent’, Diplo. Her debut album comes out on the 24th February 2014 and is titled, ‘No Mythologies To Follow’. I’d advise you to keep an eye on what she does up to then…

Gang Of Youths


Possibly the best part about this band, apart from their music (derhhh) is their ability to take an insult, they were described by one blog as, ‘Wanna see someone with zero charisma get up on stage and pretend to be Jim Morrison for half an hour, backed by grandiose overblown songs that sound a lot like U2 B-sides? Then you’d probably be into Gang Of Youths.’ And Gang Of Youths now happily include that in their ‘about’ page on Facebook. Sadly, these intrepid fellows are leaving Australia in 2014 to work in America but you can catch them warming up for Vampire Weekend or at their own shows before they leave! You’ll have to turn up the volume on this song to hear it properly.

Royal Blood


If being promoted by Matthew Helder of the Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury 2013 does not speak volumes of their talent then perhaps you will be impressed when you hear that they are warming up for The Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala?



If there is band that is proof that the Australian indie-scene is not all gone to tatters then Millions is that group. With their sharp, snappy riffs, a highly enigmatic frontman and a debut album coming out in 2014 ket it be known that the Australian indie-scene will be receiving it’s well overdue jolt of garage pop.

Elizabeth Rose


With her sophomore EP coming out it seems time to tell everyone that Elizabeth Rose’s studio recordings sound quite dull in comparison to her live show and you should not be put off immediately but I recommend seeing her live to receive the full experience!

The Dead Weather – Open Up (That’s Enough)


Baby ruthless is back everyone, The Dead Weather are here to stay. After teasing us with a 30 second snippet of ‘Open Up (That’s Enough)’ the internet has appeared to dash Third Man Records attempts to ensure that the first copies were physical. I’m sure Jack White is grumpy but lets look at it this way, we get to hear the first offering off their next album, which is scheduled to be released in 2015. That is a long wait.

We’re immediately greeted by a howl from Alison Mosshart and a few sharp riffs before the track slows, waiting but still coursing with energy from the opening moments. The band then slowly build the energy with the increasing pace of the guitars alongside Mosshart’s raw vocals. It then climaxes in a blistering moment of drums, licks of the guitar and the yowls of Alison Mosshart. If this is anything to take the pulse of the new album, it sounds like The Dead Weather’s most exciting work yet.

Today, the internet won over Third Man Records by treating us listeners to the roars of Alison Mosshart and the rest of The Dead Weather band.

Bear in mind Third Man Records may have found this link and removed it…