Interview w/ Plastic World


Awhile back I did an interview with Sydney-based label, Plastic World with Pilerats. Check it out, here.


Fat Blake – Falling Featuring Sophie Clisby

Fat Blake – Falling Featuring Sophie Clisby

EDM is usually not my first port of call when it comes to listening to music, but for Fat Blake an exception must be made, only 17 years old and already producing original vocal mixes. Now that’s something most of us couldn’t imagine starting, let alone actually do.

From the opening notes, the smooth vocals of Sophie Clisby pull you into the fresh heady vibes, far distant from the raging ‘melbourne’ sound but ever so subtly more powerful. Ever so steadily building before suddenly unleashing itself in a burst of euphoria! The track then mellows on, Clisby’s silky voice pulling it along as the song steadily peters out. A promising start from a ever-so young producer, I look forward to the next track!

So perhaps in years to come, we might see him headlining shows and festivals? Perhaps, perhaps not but if so you can say you heard him here, first.

– L

43 – Cloud 9 #1



Cloud 9 refers to an experience of extreme elation. Every month, I plan to release my ‘Cloud 9’ song, album or anything in between that I generally feel happy listening too!

First off the what-makes-me-wet-myself-in-excitement-when-I-hear-it is JAGWA MA’s new album HOWLIN’. You can stream this devil of an album here and you even get a sneaky download (you know you want it, especially if you’re dirt poor cause who doesn’t love free stuff).

Favourite tracks off the Album:

‘Come Save Me’ 

The hooks on this song could make babies and then have those babies sing along while repopulating. Just listen.

‘That Loneliness’

Oh hey Beach Boys, did you drop in to play with Jagwar Ma? I absolutely love this track, infused with the smooth melodies of the Beach Boys and jamming bassline to get you jumping around. Then Jonny Ma’s reverb vocals, just kick the track into another fun-lovin’.

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Debut Album: Disclosure – Settle (2013/06/03) [Full Album Stream]

Stream Disclosure’s new album ‘Settle’ here!

Music Pickings

:: When a Fire Starts To Burn


Stream Settle In Full at The Guardian.

Cover Art:

Artist: Disclosure
Title of debut album: Settle
Release date: June 03, 2013
Label: Universal Island Records

1 Intro
2 When a Fire Starts To Burn
3 Latch (feat. Sam Smith)
4 F For You Disclosure
5 White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)
6 Defeated No More (feat. Edward Macfarlane)
7 Stimulation Disclosure
8 Voices (feat. Sasha Keable)
9 Second Chance
10 Grab Her!
11 You & Me (feat. Eliza Doolittle)
12 January (feat. Jamie Woon)
13 Confess To Me (feat. Jessie Ware)
14 Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)
15 Boiling (feat. Sinead Harnett)
16 What’s In Your Head
17 Tenderly
18 Running (Disclosure Remix)


Upcoming Tour Dates:
Nov 16 // O2 Academy // Bristol
Nov 18 // O2 Academy // Leeds
Nov 19 // O2 Academy // Newcastle
Nov 23 // O2 Academy //…

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39 – The Tsars – Names

Check The Tsars out, right now, I mean it. Their surfy, DIY sound is about to get pushed into overdrive but before I tell you the drama! Please, just sit back and relax listening to their new track ‘Names’.This Tame Impalaesque song, with its catchy drumming and smooth hooks is a sure-fire lead single for what I hope to be an amazing album. However, I could be totally wrong!

Currently, Universal, Warner and EMI are in a bidding war over the rights for their album. My bets on Universal bagging this goody but you heard it first from me before Universal pump them into every grandma’s TV set from here to Peru.

– L