Beat Of The Week #16


This week’s Beat Of The Week hails from Oscar Key Sung’s title track from his debut EP, ‘Holograms’. With it’s chopped up, soulful vocals and peaceful atmosphere it’s an easy winner for this week. Check it out below.


RY X – Berlin


It was only a matter of time before the Matt Corby imitators appeared but I did not think anyone would carry actual substance of their own like Ry Cuming (what a name) does performing under the moniker of RY X. To be fair though, Matt Corby shares a clear link to Jeff Buckley so we could be here all day arguing that X sounds like Y and that is just too much deconstructionism for one day.

The moment you hear the falsetto ‘oooo’s’ your mind should immediately strike back to the piercing voice of Matt Corby when he sings,‘Brother’. It may as well carry a little TM afterwards it is so unmistakably Matt Corby. Although, as I said before there seems to be a measure of depth to his work with the mesmerising atmosphere created by the raw vocals of Ry Cuming. However, throughout the whole track Ry treads the line between becoming overly derivative and taking elements of successful songs, which acts as its greatest strength but also its major flaw. For me, the testament of a good song is when if an artist absorbs other elements they can complement it with their own ideas, which Ry does partially.

Indeed, with many artists sounding like each other, in the case of Ry, like Matt Corby it has become increasingly important to define your own sound as you take aspects of other’s work.

The Occupants – Wonderland


To release a single at over 8 minutes takes guts, something that only Arcade Fire and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard have dared to do this year. Indeed, lengthy singles are a dangerous road to take because more often than not the listener will give up after the 3-4 minute mark. However, The Occupants’ latest track,‘Wonderland’ will not have you dropping off at the 3-4 minute mark.

The distinctive, interweaving vocals of Flynn and Luke Gower are not for everyone but the sharp melodies and the dynamic atmosphere create a gripping song regardless.The steady layering within the song keeps you intrigued, wondering where it will go as the song slowly builds with energy. Indeed, the strung-out but empowering nature of the song makes it hard not to imagine that it could easily sway a stadium of people with it’s smooth vocal hooks. Far too often, Australian indie becomes a 3-4 splash of pop without depth but The Occupants latest track shows what Australian indie could be.

While The Occupants latest track will divide listeners over its length remember as the SAS says, ‘Who Dares Wins.’

Yujen – Try It Over


You know when Chet Faker and Thrupence start up a record label ANYTHING they release is bound to sound half-decent. Their label is known as Detail Co. and despite having only released one track by Yujen titled ‘Try It Over’ it sets a high bar for any future releases.

Featuring Chet Faker as a guest vocalist, ‘Try It Over’ is an ephemeral, crackling gem of a song. The light distortions on Chet Faker’s voice are refreshing and a change from his harmonious if raw vocals. They are melded seamlessly in the jittering, echoing whines of ‘Try It Over’ creating deeply reflective song. Indeed, we hear Chet Faker singing, “Stick a suicide note underneath the right home” rather overtly dark but it still fits within the mellow mood of the track before Chet Faker’s voice blurs into the wavering production of Yujen.

Dark but strangely seductive seems all in a days work for Yujgen and their label boss, Chet Faker. I’d recommend keeping an eye on the label and Yujgen in the future.

King Colour – Break The Ice


King Colour have really hit the mark with their latest single video clip, ‘Break The Ice’ by striking deep into the human subconsciousness and looking at how we start up a conversation with a member of the opposite sex for the first time. I can only offer one piece of advice which is, do not do what Johnny Bravo does once for a pick-up line and say, ‘I have really nice eyes, you know. You should look at my eyes.’

‘Break The Ice’ is simple, sharp and straight to the point. Everything you need when ‘breaking the ice’. Crammed full of explosive riffs alongside insatiable pauses, you are kept waiting eagerly for the next smooth vocal hook from frontman Liam Stapes or the snappy rhythms by Matt and Josh on guitar and drums respectively. Though at times you are left feeling the song becomes slightly repetitive and dull. However, the music video compliments the light-hearted song with some badly acted out fighting over a woman that none of them ever get. Oops spoiler!

All in all, King Colour’s debut track is exciting, taking a humorous look at the difficulties of approaching the opposite sex and while it is not perfect it shows a band with promise.

ADKOB – Lung Capacity


There are songs that you hear once in a blue moon that make you think, ‘If this was on Triple J it would explode.’ Here I have one of these tracks. This killer tune is known as, ‘Lung Capacity’ and was released by A Different Kind Of Busy who are also simply known as A.D.K.O.B.

This track just bubbles with happiness with it’s tight melody and what can only be described as a, ‘eerraaaooo’. The energy of the song is complimented nicely by the quiet vocals of Mark Piccles, who also happens to play drums for Tin Sparrow. There is no chaos in this song, nothing complicated going on, just a catchy indie-pop song and at the end of the day that is what we all need.

Despite clocking only 436 plays at the time of publishing if someone at Triple J played this a couple of times people would realise what a solid track ‘Lung Capacity’ is.

P.S. They are releasing their new single, ‘Glue’ in January and will be releasing their debut EP in February!