Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap


Well about bloody time, Chet Faker’s debut album, ‘Built On Glass’ has finally been announced and will be dropping on the 11th of April globally via Future Classic. From this track alone, it is no surprise why he has signed to Future Classic with the chopped up beats. However, it stands out because Nicholas Murphy brings in his own signature jazz and soul elements.

Murphy has always been a sensitive man when it comes to songwriting and ‘Talk is Cheap’ is no exception. He reflects upon the meaningless of conversation in the place of physical connection but there is a sense of irony as through his ‘talk’ he is gradually uncovered in the clip.

The piece begins with a haunting, souful saxophone solo that underlines the entire song, adding depth to an otherwise repetitive backing drum beat. Although, it comes into its own with Murphy’s stirring vocals that have made him stand out amongst many other vocalists. As the track, sadly, comes to an end Murphy begins to loop his voice over itself to further reinforce the meaning of the song.

‘Talk Is Cheap’ is a welcome addition to Murphy’s discography and acts as a good sign for the rest of the album that has finally appeared. Indeed, this strength lies within Murphy’s unique vocals, his jazz elements and not the steady drum beat.


Yujen – Try It Over


You know when Chet Faker and Thrupence start up a record label ANYTHING they release is bound to sound half-decent. Their label is known as Detail Co. and despite having only released one track by Yujen titled ‘Try It Over’ it sets a high bar for any future releases.

Featuring Chet Faker as a guest vocalist, ‘Try It Over’ is an ephemeral, crackling gem of a song. The light distortions on Chet Faker’s voice are refreshing and a change from his harmonious if raw vocals. They are melded seamlessly in the jittering, echoing whines of ‘Try It Over’ creating deeply reflective song. Indeed, we hear Chet Faker singing, “Stick a suicide note underneath the right home” rather overtly dark but it still fits within the mellow mood of the track before Chet Faker’s voice blurs into the wavering production of Yujen.

Dark but strangely seductive seems all in a days work for Yujgen and their label boss, Chet Faker. I’d recommend keeping an eye on the label and Yujgen in the future.

Cloud 9 #3


Asylum seekers, illegal refugees, ‘boat people’ call them what you like but let’s get down to the truth. They are people like you and I. Some of my best friends family came on boats. Nothing is actually wrong with them, they won’t be ‘stealing’ our jobs and they aren’t jumping the supposed queue. If anything, they make Australia, a multi-cultural country that we should be proud of. Anyway, this blog isn’t about politics, it’s about people making music that should be shared.

Those so-called dreaded ‘boat people’ that we’re all supposed to fear are actually making some fantastic music in the form of The Royal Swazi Spa who teamed up with Chet Faker to release this beautiful track titled, ‘Fear Like You’. Now that we’ve all realised that they are ‘human’, let’s get down to the music, cause it fucking rocks.

A smooth bouncy bass line pulls you in alongside a sombre jazz line creating in my mind a vision of Edward Hopper’s NightHawks. This shadowy vision drifts in and out as Chet’s voice cuts through the vision, creating a smooth contrast to the Royal Swazi Spa’s rhythms. Then. The haunting sound of saxophone breaks through momentarily before carrying us away in a flavoursome tirade tinged with light jazz keys.

Not the usual track you will find on Lumis but something to cherish. Enjoy 🙂