Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap


Well about bloody time, Chet Faker’s debut album, ‘Built On Glass’ has finally been announced and will be dropping on the 11th of April globally via Future Classic. From this track alone, it is no surprise why he has signed to Future Classic with the chopped up beats. However, it stands out because Nicholas Murphy brings in his own signature jazz and soul elements.

Murphy has always been a sensitive man when it comes to songwriting and ‘Talk is Cheap’ is no exception. He reflects upon the meaningless of conversation in the place of physical connection but there is a sense of irony as through his ‘talk’ he is gradually uncovered in the clip.

The piece begins with a haunting, souful saxophone solo that underlines the entire song, adding depth to an otherwise repetitive backing drum beat. Although, it comes into its own with Murphy’s stirring vocals that have made him stand out amongst many other vocalists. As the track, sadly, comes to an end Murphy begins to loop his voice over itself to further reinforce the meaning of the song.

‘Talk Is Cheap’ is a welcome addition to Murphy’s discography and acts as a good sign for the rest of the album that has finally appeared. Indeed, this strength lies within Murphy’s unique vocals, his jazz elements and not the steady drum beat.

Stream Temples ‘Sun Structures’ via NPR + Australian Tour announced


Temples have decided to be top old chaps and let NPR stream their whole debut album, ‘Sun Structures’ a week in advance. Check it out by clicking, here.

Furthermore, Temples have also announced a run of east coast dates in May, supported by Deep Sea Arcade. The dates are as follow:

Thursday, May 8 – The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday, May 9 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Saturday, May 10 – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Must see artist at Laneway 2014 – Mt. Warning


From the moment I came across the name Mt. Warning and his press shot my gaze could not left it, there was a magnetism to it that extends to his music. For the most part, I find singer-song writers rather annoying and often overly emotional. However, Mt. Warning has changed my mind with his burgeoning tones and smooth instrumentals in his latest single, ‘Midnight Dawn’.

The song and video compliment each other cleverly because Mt. Warning explores the sacrifices he has made for his career. Alone though this is nothing impressive, merely a well-thought out music video but the voice of Mikey Bee (vocals) takes it to another level, shaping it into a heartfelt experience as we hear and see him unload the emotional baggage that he drags with him.

Furthermore, Mt. Warning is not just a one-trick pony but his other singles, such as, ‘Forward Mile’ and ‘Burn Again’ up his sleeve he is as sure hell going to an enticing performance to watch at the beginning of Laneway Festival. You can stream all his work off his Souncloud, here. His debut album will be released the 28th of March.

Interview with Glass Towers


1. For those who don’t know who you are, would you be able to
explain who you are, where you are from and what type of music
you play.

Hey! I’m Ben from Glass Towers, we’re from Sydney via Byron Bay and we play world music.

2. Why the name ‘Glass Towers’? also do you like Burritos?

“Glass Towers” was just something random that I came up with, out of pure necessity to have a band name that didn’t half suck. Before we landed with Glass Towers we had some pretty awful early teenage names like “The Pool Cleaners” and “The Stains”. Also Burritos are one of my favourite things to eat! Mad Mex is a lunch time staple for me. About a month ago while I was in London I found this amazing Mexican Restaurant in Shoreditch, I quite literally had the best Burrito of my life. So fucking good…

3. Your debut album has been titled ‘Halcyon Days’. Obviously this means ‘Happy Days’ but in the past tense. When you were writing this album what were you trying to reminiscence upon?

The album was written while I was living out my “Halcyon Days”, when I was in late highschool back when nothing mattered and my life basically consisted of going to parties and having lots of fun. I’m an incredibly nostalgic person to the point where I was writing the album in the past tense while I was still living out those days when I was 17/18. I’m a little bit weird like that, I guess I’m what you would call a Nostalgiaholic. But I’m not as bad as I used to be!

3a. Any special mentions? Individuals that helped during recording etc?

Jean Paul Fung: Our Producer, studio wizard and an absolute genius in every sense of the word. He made the whole album sound as sonically brilliant as it does and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with.

Jordan Leser: Also originally from Byron Bay like us, lent us her beautiful voice on most of the tracks on the album.

John Castle: I flew down to his backyard studio in Melbourne, we drank a lot of rum, smoked a lot of cigarettes and put some small but important finishing touches on the album.

Jaclyn Hurst: Our manager and best person in the world.

4. Recently on tour in the UK and Japan! how did that go? Meet any good looking ones? Visit anything special we should know about?

I loved being in the UK! I need to find a way to move there somehow. It’s hard picking out highlights because literally the whole trip was one big highlight. Catching up with Luke and Alexis from The Kooks in London again after our Australian tour together was nice. As was exploring Hampstead Heath which is this huge forested hill in North London which overlooks the city. The rest of the guys all had relatives scattered across the UK so on the couple of days that we had off they went and visited them which left me all alone and to my own devices in a massive apartment in East London.

So I went exploring, did all of the touristy things Big Ben, Tower Of London, London Bridge etc. Then at night if I was bored I would buy these ridiculously cheap beers called Red Stripe which were 4 pounds for a six pack and watch crappy UK TV shows like Jeremy Kyle (imagine Jerry Springer except in the UK) though sometimes Peep Show would be on which would keep me sane for 30 minutes. I went and saw where Jack The Ripper killed his first victim behind this pub in White Chapel which is now just a loading dock. Brighton kind of reminded me of a UK version of Byron Bay, really touristy and therefore lots of annoyed locals. Brighton Pier was amazing in all it’s gaudy run down carnival glory and we went on the decrepit rickety rollercoaster and dodgem cars. But the beach was literally just pebbles with no sand at all.

Japan was amazing too, we got so drunk at all you can drink Karaoke places every night!
And the crowds in both the UK and Japan were all incredible, playing to packed venues overseas was such an amazing feeling…

5. Best beer in Europe? First member to get the mega Hangover?

In terms of price the award goes to Red Stripe! I drank a lot of Stella which isn’t very interesting because you can buy it here. Something that I found funny were all the Fosters ads, they market it as if we all drink it back here but I swear I’ve never seen Fosters anywhere in Australia.

6. What is the question that you have always wanted to be asked as a band but never been asked and could you answer it?

“Where did you guys meet?” I’ve always wanted to be asked how we all met, nobody has ever asked us before. Never.We met in our highschool music class. Now nobody has to ever ask us that question ever again!

7. Supporting The Kooks and now TOY. What sort of bands did you listen to while growing up? are they still inspirations?

I listened to a lot of different bands while I was growing up. Obviously in terms of songwriting a lot of early Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Slowdive, Pavement etc. Bands that a lot of music wankers would laugh at because they’re not your “old classics”. The funny thing is I don’t listen to any of the bands that influenced our upcoming debut record anymore, I have no idea what our next record is going to sound like which is something thats really exciting for me!

8. Current Aussie bands you think we should check out?

Jagwar Ma: For obvious reasons.

Donny Benet: “Come on treat yourself!”

Jordan Leser: That heavenly voice that you can hear on a lot of our music belongs to this lovely girl.

8. Finally, with a tour in August. Which town you interested in playing in most?

All of the WA dates because we’re WA virgins! Also Byron Bay because our first proper shows were at The Northern and we have so many memories attached to that place.

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14- Cloud Boat – ‘Youthern’

A crooning song. That’s my first impressions on it. Some beautiful harmonising from the two singers with a mixture of accompanying sounds. It flows so smoothly, makes you just want to kick back and think about the question to life, the world and everything because we all know the answer is 42.

They’re from the UK and are releasing their debut album on the 20th of May. Get on it and support them!