DMA’s – Delete


The first thing I read about DMA’s is that, ‘All the people in the picture look like the product of multi-generational in breeding.’ So that was a good introduction into I OH YOU’s newest signing if any. Furthermore, the band have never played live but are expected to announce a tour for March.

Sonically, from their first single,‘Delete’ off their self-titled EP, they sound like a mix of Oasis using the vocals of Dylan Frost from Sticky Fingers. The second reference is no surprise considering that the clip was filmed in the same house that features at the end of Sticky Fingers, ‘Australia Street’ video and also has a cameo by Paddy (Bassist of Sticky Fingers). Furthermore, the artwork was done by talented Sydney artist Total Bore. In short, this single not only showcases a damn fine up and coming band but also the talent within Sydney. You can watch this song below.


Beat Of The Week #14


This young buck happens to look a lot like James Franco and what’s the correlation between that and him making smooth-as disco vibes? None but it sure as hell makes him that much cooler. Young Franco’s track,‘Take Flight (UHH)’ is bubbling pot of synthesisers and thundering bass is an easy contender for Beat Of The Week. You can stream the track below and keep an eye on Lumis Youth a for a review of his EP ‘FUTUREFUNK’.

Beat Of The Week #8


Lumis has gone intercontinental and found you the hottest and possibly most eccentric band in all of St. Albans. And if you know anything about St. Albans, you will know that is a big claim. Slagcan’s motto is, ‘Slags keep swinging’ and the only thing I can draw from that is that they are one determined band I’m an idiot, it’s a reference to sluts. Now, if you have nothing better to do with your time, even if you are extremely busy or perhaps you have a keen interest in the architecture of St. Albans I advise you watch this week’s ‘Beat Of The Week’ of Slagcan’s single, ‘Swingers’ below: