Mount Kimbie At The Metro Theatre 29/1/14


You can read my review of Mount Kimbie, published by Pilerats, here.


MOVEMENT @ Goodgod Small Club 26/10/13


In 1974 Jon Landau wrote that he had seen the future of Rock n’ Roll perhaps I did not see the future but I did see a new path being made for Australia music for $15. Indeed, Movement came, saw and they conquered the smoke-filled, laser bathed performance space of Goodgod with their soulful vocals and minimalistic beats flecked with steel drums.

During the day the trio are known as Sean (percussion), Jessie (bass) and Lewis (vocals) but by night they perform under the moniker of Movement. Bathed in green light they ascended the intimately close stage of Goodgod and did not look back. For the majority of the night the crowd was treated to unreleased tracks such as Ivory and Illusion which in its self is a risky move because new songs are always schizoid beasts. Regardless of how big you are, there lies the risk that because the crowd do not know the song it will fall flat on its face. However,tonight was not one of those moments but a rare instance when even if you had never heard Illusion before, the pulsating rhythms had you in their grasp.

Throughout the night Lewis feed off the enthusiasm of the crowd which flowed into his rich voice, pushing him, daring him to go further. Lewis dared and his golden voice encased us all in the moment. There was something special about Lewis’s voice, sure the band would not be the same without the xx-like percussion elements of Sean and smooth bass lines of Jessie but Lewis seems to be the very soul of band, with his slow controlled movement and tireless grin.

For $15 I saw something I would expect from an older, more experienced band and as I stumbled out of the Goodgod Small Club I knew I would not be paying $15 to see them next time.