Must see artist at Laneway 2014 – Mt. Warning


From the moment I came across the name Mt. Warning and his press shot my gaze could not left it, there was a magnetism to it that extends to his music. For the most part, I find singer-song writers rather annoying and often overly emotional. However, Mt. Warning has changed my mind with his burgeoning tones and smooth instrumentals in his latest single, ‘Midnight Dawn’.

The song and video compliment each other cleverly because Mt. Warning explores the sacrifices he has made for his career. Alone though this is nothing impressive, merely a well-thought out music video but the voice of Mikey Bee (vocals) takes it to another level, shaping it into a heartfelt experience as we hear and see him unload the emotional baggage that he drags with him.

Furthermore, Mt. Warning is not just a one-trick pony but his other singles, such as, ‘Forward Mile’ and ‘Burn Again’ up his sleeve he is as sure hell going to an enticing performance to watch at the beginning of Laneway Festival. You can stream all his work off his Souncloud, here. His debut album will be released the 28th of March.


The Creases – I Won’t Wait


Does anyone else think that Jarrod of The Creases look like Naboo The Enigma from The Mighty Boosh? Facsimile aside though The Creases are an exciting band out of Brisbane whose debut single, ‘I Won’t Wait’ is being distributed by legendary UK record label, Rough Trade Records.

Their debut single is notch above the increasingly dull indie-rock with influences from The Beach Boys. By looking outwards instead of inwards, they have created a track with a summery, care-free atmosphere using smooth guitar licks and Joe’s lazy vocal hooks. Instead of petering out of energy as many songs seem to do after reaching the one minute mark, The Creases ensure that the song continues to build as the drums steadily increase in pace and merge with Joe’s voice. Making the song incredibly catchy and sighing sadly when it finishes.

While Jarrod may have a career as Naboo The Enigma’s doppelg√§nger, The Creases and him have a far more hopeful future if their debut single is anything to go by.

ADKOB – Lung Capacity


There are songs that you hear once in a blue moon that make you think, ‘If this was on Triple J it would explode.’ Here I have one of these tracks. This killer tune is known as, ‘Lung Capacity’ and was released by A Different Kind Of Busy who are also simply known as A.D.K.O.B.

This track just bubbles with happiness with it’s tight melody and what can only be described as a, ‘eerraaaooo’. The energy of the song is complimented nicely by the quiet vocals of Mark Piccles, who also happens to play drums for Tin Sparrow. There is no chaos in this song, nothing complicated going on, just a catchy indie-pop song and at the end of the day that is what we all need.

Despite clocking only 436 plays at the time of publishing if someone at Triple J played this a couple of times people would realise what a solid track ‘Lung Capacity’ is.

P.S. They are releasing their new single, ‘Glue’ in January and will be releasing their debut EP in February!

Beat Of The Week #10


Matching green jumpsuits, rollerblades and a whole lot of synchronised dancing, what more could you want in a music video? ‘The Heat’¬† is Jungle’s second single and features the High Rollaz crew, who make rollerblading look like dancing… From personal experience I can tell you that is not normal.

Jungle’s latest track easily takes out the accolade of Beat Of The Week as it is oozing with snappy hooks and feel-good vibes that are sure to keep you grooving along. Despite being clouded in mystery and shying away from telling you who they are, their music speaks volumes of their talent. You can hear the track below and if you want to hear their other single, ‘Platoon’, click here.

MOVEMENT @ Goodgod Small Club 26/10/13


In 1974 Jon Landau wrote that he had seen the future of Rock n’ Roll perhaps I did not see the future but I did see a new path being made for Australia music for $15. Indeed, Movement came, saw and they conquered the smoke-filled, laser bathed performance space of Goodgod with their soulful vocals and minimalistic beats flecked with steel drums.

During the day the trio are known as Sean (percussion), Jessie (bass) and Lewis (vocals) but by night they perform under the moniker of Movement. Bathed in green light they ascended the intimately close stage of Goodgod and did not look back. For the majority of the night the crowd was treated to unreleased tracks such as Ivory and Illusion which in its self is a risky move because new songs are always schizoid beasts. Regardless of how big you are, there lies the risk that because the crowd do not know the song it will fall flat on its face. However,tonight was not one of those moments but a rare instance when even if you had never heard Illusion before, the pulsating rhythms had you in their grasp.

Throughout the night Lewis feed off the enthusiasm of the crowd which flowed into his rich voice, pushing him, daring him to go further. Lewis dared and his golden voice encased us all in the moment. There was something special about Lewis’s voice, sure the band would not be the same without the xx-like percussion elements of Sean and smooth bass lines of Jessie but Lewis seems to be the very soul of band, with his slow controlled movement and tireless grin.

For $15 I saw something I would expect from an older, more experienced band and as I stumbled out of the Goodgod Small Club I knew I would not be paying $15 to see them next time.

Missing Children – The Core


Having an Hills Hoist in your press shot makes you unmistakably suburban Australian. In no other culture or country will you find a band assembled together to look sufficiently cool around a hill’s hoist, on fold-up chairs with the washing out #straya oh Australia. Sydney band 6-piece Missing Children have just recently released their latest single, ‘The Core’ and while they may not have a lot of content, their latest morsel is something to be enjoyed.

Within the quiet strains of the guitars, the burgeoning tones of Sophia Small, the steady beat of the drums and the mournful sighs of the cello an unexpected beauty emerges. The piece graciously builds and flowers under Sophia Small but there’s something unexpected in this song. This ‘surprise’ comes in the form of a sense of conflict between the simplicity of it but yet the hidden details and burrs of the piece that intrigue me. As the song peaks, the soft hues that greeted me as the piece began all but melt away leaving only the hard riffs of the guitars and the bitter-sweet lyrics of Sophia Small.

Sadly no said washing or Hills Hoist made it into the video but maybe next time?

Beat Of The Week #8


Lumis has gone intercontinental and found you the hottest and possibly most eccentric band in all of St. Albans. And if you know anything about St. Albans, you will know that is a big claim. Slagcan’s motto is, ‘Slags keep swinging’ and the only thing I can draw from that is that they are one determined band I’m an idiot, it’s a reference to sluts. Now, if you have nothing better to do with your time, even if you are extremely busy or perhaps you have a keen interest in the architecture of St. Albans I advise you watch this week’s ‘Beat Of The Week’ of Slagcan’s single, ‘Swingers’ below: