DMA’s – Delete


The first thing I read about DMA’s is that, ‘All the people in the picture look like the product of multi-generational in breeding.’ So that was a good introduction into I OH YOU’s newest signing if any. Furthermore, the band have never played live but are expected to announce a tour for March.

Sonically, from their first single,‘Delete’ off their self-titled EP, they sound like a mix of Oasis using the vocals of Dylan Frost from Sticky Fingers. The second reference is no surprise considering that the clip was filmed in the same house that features at the end of Sticky Fingers, ‘Australia Street’ video and also has a cameo by Paddy (Bassist of Sticky Fingers). Furthermore, the artwork was done by talented Sydney artist Total Bore. In short, this single not only showcases a damn fine up and coming band but also the talent within Sydney. You can watch this song below.


Gigs in January


Lumis Youth is starting up a running monthly list of gigs to see each month from a variety of venues in Sydney. Each artist’s name has been hyperlinked with a clip that displays why you should see them. If you have any recommendations for this list, feel free to contact Lumis Youth at or leave a comment.

Goodgod Small Club

Courtney Barnett – 18th January for $12 + BF via Moshtix

Oxford Art Factory

Snakadaktal Featuring Kilter & D.D Dumbo – 17th January for $15 + BF via Moshtix

Youth Lagoon – 30th January for $38.60 + BF via Moshtix

Sydney Festival – Town Hall

– Modular – Juan Atkins, Movement, Roland Tings, Wordlife, Softwar – 17th January for $36 via Sydney Festival.

– Future Classic – Jacques Renault, Medlar, Touch Sensitive, Wave Racer – 24th January for $46 via Sydney Festival

The Standard

D.D Dumbo featuring Left. & A.D.K.O.B– 18th January for $10 + BF via Moshtix

The Metro Theatre

Jagwar Ma – 17th January for $33.70 + BF via Metro Theatre

Mount Kimbie – 29th January for $33.70 + BF via <a href="Metro Theatre“>Metro Theatre

Beach Road Hotel

Sun City – January 22nd for FREE

Stonefield, The Delta Riggs supported by Bears With Guns and The Jones Rival – 25th January for FREE

Gigs in December


Lumis Youth is starting up a running monthly list of gigs to see each month from a variety of venues in Sydney. Each artist’s name has been hyperlinked with a clip that displays why you should see them. If you have any recommendations for this list, feel free to contact Lumis Youth at or leave a comment.

Goodgod Small Club

REIGNWOLF – 10th December for $20 + BF via Moshtix.

The Seabellies – 14th December for $15 + BF via Oztix

Oxford Art Factory

Mac Demarco – 17th December for $25.50 (includes booking fee) via Moshtix.

Set Sail – 20th December for $18.40 (includes booking fee) via Moshtix.

– ‘Visions’ featuring Deep Sea Arcade, The Preatures DJ set, Shining Bird and The Tsars – 21st December for $13.20 via Moshtix or $15 on the door.

The Standard

Mac Demarco + Twerps (Co-headliner) – 12th December for $23.60 via Moshtix

Metro Theatre

Pond – 20th December for $22 via Ticketek

Beach Road Hotel

Yacht Club Djs – December 11th for FREE

Lime Cordiale – December 14th for FREE

Little Bastards featuring Bootleg Rascal, Sticky Fingers DJs and Lyall Moloney – December 19th for FREE

The Jones Rival Debut EP


In a scene flooded with jangly indie-pop The Jones Rival are a breath of fresh air for the Sydney music scene. After teasing us with their raucous single, ‘Jumpin’ Frog’ they have returned with a debut EP jam-packed with sharp guitar licks and snappy vocal hooks that at times sounds akin to Kings Of Leon circa ‘Youth & Young Manhood’.

The Jones Rival kick off their EP with,‘Cults’ which barely lasts for two minutes but comes in hot and fast with guitar riffs and the raw vocals that ignite into a haze of garage rock. Their garage roots are revealed in their other lead track off the EP, ‘Busted’ which sees the pace and vocals drop away as the The Jones Rival bring out some howling guitars and punchy drumming. However, The Jones Rival are not just pretty faces but are capable of slower, more sensual songs such as,‘Ketamine’ with its irresistible bass-line. The best moments of this EP is the second half of ‘Ketamine’ as we see a more experimental side of The Jones Rival with their psychedelic breakdown. Although, at times The Jones Rival lose their way as their production falls through as it does with ‘My Aim’. Throughout the EP, The Jones Rival have slammed in catchy lyrics with abrasive instrumentals, creating a cacophony of sounds that take you on a sonic voyage into the free-ranging minds of the band.

An exciting EP for a new act that will surely take the Sydney scene by storm with their raging Garage Rock as it sweeps away the indie boppers.

You can stream their whole EP below:

You can also catch them this entire month at the Oxford Art Factory FOR FREE! Their dates and who is supporting them is below:

Sat 2nd – Teenage Hand Models (SYD)
Sat 9th – Soviet X-Ray Record Club (QLD)
Sat 16th – Black Springs (SYD)
Sat 23rd – Whipped Cream Chargers (VIC)

Missing Children – The Core


Having an Hills Hoist in your press shot makes you unmistakably suburban Australian. In no other culture or country will you find a band assembled together to look sufficiently cool around a hill’s hoist, on fold-up chairs with the washing out #straya oh Australia. Sydney band 6-piece Missing Children have just recently released their latest single, ‘The Core’ and while they may not have a lot of content, their latest morsel is something to be enjoyed.

Within the quiet strains of the guitars, the burgeoning tones of Sophia Small, the steady beat of the drums and the mournful sighs of the cello an unexpected beauty emerges. The piece graciously builds and flowers under Sophia Small but there’s something unexpected in this song. This ‘surprise’ comes in the form of a sense of conflict between the simplicity of it but yet the hidden details and burrs of the piece that intrigue me. As the song peaks, the soft hues that greeted me as the piece began all but melt away leaving only the hard riffs of the guitars and the bitter-sweet lyrics of Sophia Small.

Sadly no said washing or Hills Hoist made it into the video but maybe next time?

The Tsars interview


1. Why ‘The Tsars’?  Louis and our former lead guitarist Sam heard it in year 11 history and then hunted me (Reg) down during lunch and told me I was going to be in their band called ‘The Tsars’ whether I liked it or not.

2. You joked about their being a major bid by some big name record labels in an interview with The Alternative Media Group but in all seriousness when can we your debut album come out and can you give us a hint at what’s it called? Oh, that was no joke, we recently had Roadrunner records approach us about releasing half the songs we’ve recorded on a split record with Cradle Of Filth, but I think we’re probably just going to release it independently as a self-titled album.

3. You recently had ‘Tdub’, a seriously cool artist in his own right, redesign your image, care to explain how the image links with you guys as a band? Yeah, Tdub is the man. We’ve been buddys with him for ages and he’s done bits and pieces for us here and there. We needed a cover for a few singles we were distributing to various radio stations and I got in touch with him and he whipped that up in less than 48 hours! I wouldn’t say that it does or doesn’t link directly with the band, but it’s a sweet picture and has a cruisy, fun vibe, which you could say encapsulates our approach pretty well.

4. If your debut album was a person what would they look like and how would they act? It would probably look like Vermin Supreme and ride around on a pony prying peoples mouths open and brushing their teeth.

5. Realm is the introduction to your Debut Album do you thing this Teaser somehow defines the sound that you have projected through the rest of the album songs? If so what direction were you going with this Album? We put realm out as a bit of a teaser to show people that we were actually working on something as, at the time, we’d been lying low for a while. It definitely shares similarities to some of the songs on the album but is honestly probably a better indicator of newer songs that we’ve written that we’ll be releasing after the album is released.

6. Who are the other bands you like to hang out with in the music scene in Sydney when you are out gigging or other live acts you guys have your eye on at the moment? We’ve got lots of mates in different bands and also a lot of friends involved in electronic music in Sydney like the homies at The Finer Things. We’ve been hanging with the legends in Blind Valley a bit lately and we’re talking about organising a tour with them, which would be fun. One act I’m keeping my eye on at the moment is a project called Bus Vipers – he’s releasing some sick stuff. Also the debut from Zeahorse is going to be killer!

7. Who would you cite as your main influences? Beatallica.

8. What’s a question you’ve always wanted to be asked but never been asked and could you answer it for us. Q. Who is the hottest, strongest, coolest member of the band? A. Reg

9. Jamming – what were your reasons for moving to Tamworth for a while to work on songs, and what songs in particular did you work up whilst there? Did you lock yourselves up in Tamworth and play for hours , how did it go down? Both Mitch and Louis have family properties up north so when we have the chance we like to take off to the country for a while to write new material, focus on finishing half-written ideas and lay down some demos. That’s what we were doing at Mitch’s place in Tamworth and a lot of the tracks we were working on up there will be on our second release.

10. In what way has each of you poured yourselves into the songs and music, are these songs coming from a personal space or are they just good to play? Most of our songs are the end result of a collaborative writing process. We just write tunes that we enjoy playing and jam on progressions that we like the sound of until we all vibe on what everyone is playing.

11. When can we expect this lovely Album out? Coming to a cinema near you this Summer!

Check out their latest single ‘Names’, below:

By Lumis & Measure The Buzz

28 – Tales In Space – ‘Starwars’

I picked these guys up off FBi a couple of months ago and I don’t know what is cooler, the experiment their conducting or their music?

They describe themselves as an,”explosive collage of electro-dynamo-pomo-disco rock.” Honestly, they took the words out of my mouth, Tales In Space are from sydney and are duo that specialise in creating awesome music through a use of samples, looping and then throw in some awesome riffs and great bass lines.

They are a funny duo but one I recommend to check out!

8- RüFüS- ‘Take Me’

Rufus, they’re a trio of guys from Sydney who formed one rainy night to make mellow indie dance music. For me, RUFUS’s lead singer voice and those irresistible beats they make. I’ve been digging these guys since their released their first EP, self-titled, RUFUS.

In that time, they’ve released another EP, Blue and this year they’ll be releasing their debut album, which I’m incredibly excited about (OMG ALBUM).

Leave a comment, if you dig their stuff, always good to see another fan.